How to adapt your marketing strategy

The world has changed a lot over the last few months and now companies, more than ever, need to change their marketing strategies to reflect these changes.

Time to make sure your strategy is digital first.

More people are connecting and researching online so make your social media presence count. Social media is an excellent way to connect and understand your customers as effectively as possible. Show positive stories to come from lock down to increase brand perception and loyalty via eMarketing and social media. Social media engagement has grown by about 61% since the pandemic began, so if there’s another platform that can strategically build your profile, it may be worth exploring?

Your customers number one priority is safety so reassure customers that you are taking measures to protect them on your website. Post office or warehouse adaption photos. Constantly reassured customers are more likely to buy, in fact 18% of UK consumers say they would buy more from brands who show this empathy.

Promote your online presence as much as possible, with so much time spent online by consumers, look at your SEO and make sure you are getting the correct traction and adapt as required. Do monthly site audits to check there is no penalisation and check for new Google algorithms.

With so much screen time now available, look at new cost effective ways to provide customers with a professional feel, video marketing and animation is a great way to portray a complex message to potential consumers who would normally scroll past a text based post.

Finally, make sure your website is on point and adjust any messaging to ensure your current offline activity shifts to online digital marketing to ensure you have the best ‘shop front’ website and potential customers researching get all the information they need to hand.

By diversifying now from offline to online, you will be one step ahead of your competition should the economy be disrupted again in the future. But let’s hope that never happens!