A collaborative approach to your website refresh

So your website is looking tired and is in need of a refresh. Things have been ticking along for a while but you have noticed a drop in visitors or your KPIs are suffering because your site looks old and has outdated features.

Your site is a major part of your digital channel and needs to be visually modern and provide your customers with all the relevant features and tools needed to create the perfect experience. Your idea to refresh is going fine so far but then you realise the cost actually needed to bring your website up to standard is a bit daunting and you start to doubt the risks of spending such a big chunk of money without knowing the returns.

Before you get into requesting and comparing costs that match your budget, consider a more staged approach to your project strategy and find a digital partner to help and advise you on the best approach.

So understanding the big picture is the right thing to do but you can also break down your digital development into stages and figure out which features would be more valuable to your customers and benefit your business goals.

Feature matrix - A feature matrix really helps to map and visualise all required features based on what’s relevant to your customers and your marketing objectives. From here we can work out which features need longer times to develop compared to features that are quick and easy to setup.

Development roadmap - With the feature matrix knowledge you can then place the different features into stages and define a development roadmap that spreads the costs and means less pressure to deliver everything all at once.

MVP - An MVP (minimum viable product) is also a smart way to start with a basic setup and minimise your initial outlay. Using the feature matrix, highlight only the essential elements required to get your project off the ground and start with the core functionality. With this approach you can get to market faster, lower the costs and start to measure progress immediately.

Collaborative approach - Find a good agency to partner with and work in a collaborative and agile way that will allow you to understand and learn as you go. You may also discover that some of your original ideas are no longer necessary or even discover new features and opportunities to explore

So, don’t become overwhelmed and pressured into a big feature-packed ‘does it all’ launch. Get in touch with a digital agency and discuss the best approach and work out what’s most valuable to your customers and your business goals. Plan your digital rollout in stages to ease the costs and measure the progress as you go.