Filming During Covid-19

Filming during Covid-19

The British Film Commission produced new guidelines in August for working safely on-set during the on-going pandemic. 

Although targeted at the TV and Film industry there are some key takeaway points that are applicable to the corporate video world. Not least for the safety of you, our client and the people you need to film, but also our crew. 

The guidelines are a long but an essential read, and all the advice and guidance is underpinned with the fact you must assign as much prep time as possible to ensure everyone is aware of the health and safety procedures, and is comfortable with them in advance of filming taking place.

So, how do we do this?

  • We undergo a detailed pre-production stage with client briefings along the way.
  • We listen to any concerns ahead of time and ensure these are fully discussed and dealt with before filming takes place.
  • We distribute a call sheet stating the project brief, the details of our team, and the way in which we will work, and in turn ask that you work with us, on location.
  • We use a minimal crew with safety gear, and we aim to complete filming as quickly as possible using a predetermined shot list which saves time on the day.
  • We ensure that the kit is maintained, cleaned and sanitised before and after each use.
  • We ensure the crew is cleaned and sanitised before and after each shoot!
  • We will maintain social distance and ensure you are comfortable at all times but please if you have any concerns let us know.
  • We can offer outdoor filming solutions.
  • We can offer animated solutions.
  • We’ve also been creating video packages from virtual interviews and conversations via a number of platforms if filming is not possible. Coupled with graphics and audio, you can still create a good and impactful video even when you cannot be face to face with your interviewee.

See our showreel here to see examples of how we can make video work for you: