Get to know your customers

Every year on the third Thursday of January, April, July, and October, businesses go the extra mile to delight their customers on Get to Know Your Customers Day. 

Of course, customers are the lifeline of any business or product, but they should be your main focus 365 days a year, not 4. Without knowing exactly who you are selling to and what their buying rationale is, how can you pitch your marketing effectively? 

You need to ask yourself - how do your customers feel when engaging with your brand? What emotion are you looking to evoke? What are their motives, barriers to purchase, cultural beliefs, their values? All of the above will affect their emotions and therefore their actions, behaviour and buying patterns. 

For businesses where user experience and interaction isn't at the forefront of their minds, Get to Know Your Customers Day is the quarterly reminder that prompts companies to understand the needs and opinions of their customer base. It's time to reevaluate if their customers' buying patterns have changed, something that is highly likely given the current Covid pandemic. Companies that reevaluate, iterate and change are always going to dominate their market share! 

Their online and offline marketing guides the user from thinking to feeling. From facts to emotions, and probing the subconscious, looking for barriers to them taking the desired action, whether that be purchasing, enquiring, sharing or engaging. 

With so much knowledge about your customer, you can help break down these potential barriers, understand what design is appropriate and escalate your profits. 

So to conclude, if you haven't thought about who your customer is right at this precise moment and how you want them to feel about your brand, use today as a perfect opportunity - Get to Know Your Customers Day.