The Importance of Storyboarding

We all understand the importance of content sharing and video marketing; and even more so of getting that content right and making it count.

When it comes to spending your marketing budget on video and animation content, we are true believers in planning right from the outset, and storyboarding is an essential part of this pre-production and organisational process as well as being a really enjoyable part of the project.

However some still see storyboarding as unnecessary, or a place to save budget.

Stop right there!

Storyboarding is the essence of visual communication. We take your script, and outline your story and message digitally from start to finish. This is a frame by frame process and allows us to collaborate with you well in advance of production, ensuring everything is correct before production begins:

  • It reveals whether your story, flow, action will work or not
  • It identifies errors at an early stage and allows you time to fix before the more expensive part of production begins
  • It reveals what assets are required and whether anything additional is needed that may not have been thought of
  • It allows you time to think, consider your content, make sure you are covered in representing all that you need to, and that nothing is missed
  • It can assist in planning how your shoot might need to run
  • It helps determine your schedule
  • It is a way to double, triple check your budget. And then check again!
  • It sets expectations across all departments before you move forward into the next stages

So please, think before cutting Storyboarding from your budget. It is your friend and ally, and by including this important stage at the start of the process you will, without a doubt, avoid costly mistakes later during production and post.

After all, you wouldn't build a house without a blueprint!

“The storyboard for me is a way to visualise the entire movie in advance”

Martin Scorsese