Maximise your eCommerce

During the current pandemic, retail footfall may be down, but eCommerce has spiked considerably and will continue to dominate as some people choose laptops over high street. So how do you check your online store is in tip top nick?

Firstly and most importantly, make sure you implement google shopping ads so that your product appears when a user is searching and is directing them back to your store for purchase.

Voice Search has been a hot trend in the industry for a little while but with improvements on voice accuracy it is becoming an even more popular search tool by consumers so make sure your online store is optimized to gain you followers.

With the ‘shop now’ feature available on social media platforms, no online retailer should be without a social media channel. High levels of customisation and consumer reach, detailed reporting, high engagement rates result in profitable conversion rates if managed effectively. 

Once you get people to your store, if you find people abandoning, take a look at your shopping cart. The most common consumer excuses are shipping costs, shipping time and lack of delivery options. Look to mitigate any barriers that your customers may experience so ensure they finish their purchase. 

Price point is incredibly valuable, look at competitors pricing regularly, not to undercut them, but to react to these insights in real time to ensure your messaging gets you an optimal price for your product; increasing market share whilst retaining a healthy profit.

Purposeful content is a must for any consumer store. People expect quality purposeful content regularly, not repurposed mediocre content. This obviously is timely to create but created well such as an infographic, video or influencer blog post allows potential customers to see your product.

Finally, but most definitely not last, look to personalise the customer's journey. Use AI to gather as much information as possible and adjust the purchasing path for their needs. Human values and personalized products boost an increase of 25% on online stores.