Farnham Soapbox race

As soon as we heard about the event, we were determined to take part, so when places opened up for registration, we were filling in the application within minutes to ensure we got our spot.

Once our place was announced, the realisation hit of what we were actually doing! 450m course with kickers and jumps down the steepest hill in Farnham in a cart built entirely by the Drum team who have no experience in any sort of mechanics.

We could have just purchased a go cart and added a shell, that probably would have been the more sensible choice but instead we decided to build it entirely from scratch. Our team name was Drum Dead.On.Arrival so we went for a solid, mahogany stained coffin. A coffin that any funeral director would be proud of!

The zombie theme was complete with a skull modelled entirely from milk bottles, lights, velvet interior, smoke grenades and skull cracker stu with zombie makeup and a brain helmet made from mâché.

We weren't the fastest down the course, mainly due to last minute brakes alterations we made for the wet conditions which slowed us down, but our goal was never to be the fastest; it was to get down Castle Street, with our digital director and the handmade cart, which we all spent so long on, intact, but most importantly to have a fun day and support a local charity that does so much for the community and their residents. Phyllis Tuckwell is the only Hospice Care service for adult patients, and their families, living with cancer or another advanced or terminal illness across the whole of West Surrey and part of North East Hampshire.