UX is not just for web

Times are changing as User Experience Design is no longer just a process applied before UI Design but instead for any interaction the customer may have with your brand; whether that be social, print, animation, App or exhibition design. People make their mind up about your service or product offering in just a few seconds so it’s important UX design is considered, regardless of the platform.

eLearning or instructional videos being a classic example. Regardless of what you are trying to achieve, whether that's to build some new flatpack shelves, install a new sink or build a lego kit. What is your first point of call? The instructions. Same goes for video. Is the messaging succinct with the correct tone of voice to talk to your ideal customer, do they digest the information, rather than skim? Are the instructions easy to follow? User behaviour not only depends on the habits of the viewer but also on the complexity or (un)familiarity of the content. So make sure your video is accessible, consistent in style but also engaging and motivates the user to watch all the content with short copy that encourages learning. Look at placement on the page, is it easily accessible to encourage people to watch that killer infographic? Make sure the video is in eye line on the shelf to ensure people pick it up and run with it.

Apple products are a great example of how UX affects people's buying decisions. The experience from the moment you open the well-designed box, to powering on a device for the first time, was all well thought-out and with the intention of creating a great experience that you will remember.

That's what makes it so difficult for Apple users to imagine using other brands even if the other product performs better on paper. The user experience that Apple has created, from the way they design their stores to the way they approach product design and ease of use, makes it hard for people to look elsewhere. UX design is an important part of developing the brand experience.

UX design is looking at all those micro interactions, the small things like website navigation, packaging design, banner advertising, loading up an App, copy placement, typography and colour palettes. It's no longer a niche service from 10 years ago, but a must have for any brand marketing campaign.

With UX at the forefront of your next marketing campaign, you can make all your channels and brand interactions consistent and integrated.