Why Video is a Must Have in 2021

With the rising popularity of social video, such as Facebook video and the 2021 giant of TikTok, marketing directors are seeing some traditional marketing methods fizzle out and are looking at new avenues. We explain why video marketing in 2021 is a must have… 

Everyone knows we have a matter of seconds to attract consumers' attention. This is where video really excels. Video captures attention 5x longer than pictures. Great news of course, but that means your important take away message needs to be in your first few seconds of a video to encourage further viewing. Make that intro count from both a visual and messaging perspective.

Videos boost conversion. 90% of users watch a video of the product or service before purchasing. So a video prominent on your website will improve the path to purchase and see your bottom line increase.

One thing every business considers is how to attract new customers. Using social media targeting effectively can get your brand’s video in front of new customers. Keep these short, informative and attention-grabbing to stop people scrolling.

Marketing is all about building trust. Video can evoke emotion much easier than the written word. Videos can have a more conversational and less salesy tone. Make it engaging and show customers you can be trusted.

Google loves your video. Videos encourage a longer time spent on pages, an SEO bonus. More importantly, as YouTube is owned by the giant, if your video is well optimized, you'll see your rankings improve.

Video explains a complex message better than any written word can. Avoid the format of people talking to camera to explain, be imaginative. Animation can be used to bring any product or service to life.

Sharing has never been easier, thanks to social media. Make content that encourages people to share, and get your message out to more people. If your video is fun, compelling, engaging, different, people will share, putting your brand out to as many people as possible.

If you'd like further advice on how to create a compelling video marketing strategy, please do get in touch.