Beth Glaysher

Studio Assistant 

Beth has been studying in the creative industry for 6 years and previously worked as a freelance photographer. She completed her A levels at Farnham college, which led her to study and specialize in BA (Hons) Marine and Natural History Photography at Falmouth University.  

 Beth has contributed award-winning wildlife photographs for, The National Bee Supplies, The Countryside Restoration Trust, and the RSPCA. She has previously helped small businesses, such as Hogs Back Bees and Bee products, by providing content to help advertise and grow their business. 

 Her passion for digital media, film production and photography has led her to work for Drum Studios, where she can explore all digital media avenues and enhance her skills. 

 With a keen eye for detail and enthusiasm to deliver captivating content, Beth is excited to collaborate with clients and bring their creative visions to life.