Shanjok Gurung


Having graduated from the University of Kent studying Digital Arts, Shanjok found his passion for digital media, creating visually engaging content. Throughout his studies, he developed a wide range of skills within Graphic Design, Photography and 3D. 

Hungry to pursue a creative career, Shanjok joined Drum as a Junior Designer with the intention of working on all forms of creative work. He has used this opportunity to learn the fundamentals of working within the creative industry, liaising with colleagues and clients for a collaborative environment, constantly consuming valuable skills and knowledge. Shanjok has ventured into many creative pursuits, earning the chance to have his university project displayed at the UKC x NTU "WAVES" Exhibition, which highlighted the issues around global warming in a short cinematic visual. 

"I believe there is always something we can work on, whether that is to experience something new or continue to develop what you already know. We can never stop learning when we are surrounded by a diverse range of people and this mindset has helped me to always be open and listen to ideas, opinions and perspectives."