The brief

Baggage Solutions are a leading baggage repatriation company that needed an explainer video, designed to appeal to potential customers looks for a more streamlined baggage repatriation solution. The video needed to establish Baggage Solutions as a reputable company that provides an ideal online solution for the common problem faced by airlines and airports.

The solution

We proposed a 3 minute, playful 2D character led animation to voice-over. The sequence presents the viewer within the view of the bags journey, explaining the process that each bag goes through and the implications to both airlines and customers to demonstrate the issues within the current system and presenting Baggage Solutions as an ideal solution.


Scriptwriting, voice-over and custom composed soundtrack. Character designs that can be developed for use across other marketing channels. The explainer video is streamed on the new website that Drum also designed and developed.


Animated in After Effects and edited in Premiere CC.

Client's Reaction

"Kaye is highly knowledgeable in her field and capable of quickly understanding her client's business model and requirements. She is extremely enthusiastic about her work, which is infectious and is a joy to work with. I can now outsource several business functions to her without a worry and I recommend that anyone who needs creative design, contact Kaye!"

Peter Rose | Managing Director


Character Design