The brief

After completing a new website website at the end of 2017, Baggage Solutions asked Drum to develop a new brand identity for Baggage solutions with a new icon, colourways and brand mark. This identity was then to be developed to create a family of logos for the following five products in the Baggage solutions brand.

The solution

Using the website UI and explainer videos as reference we developed an icon using 3 key elements, the bag to represent company product, the conveyor belt which was a key element in the animation and the infinity symbol to represent the global representation of the brand. The mix of bold lined and shapes with softened corners helped promote the professional but down-to-earth service that Baggage pride themselves on.


An easily adaptable logo that can be developed to use across the multitude of product options Baggage solutions has to offer. We also provided Baggage Solutions with brand assets for use across all channels as well as animated versions to use across videos and presentations.