The brief

DE photo had three eCommerce sites plus 3 brochure sites. The brief was to combine all of these into one site and create an additional mobile app.

A current Sequel database which DE Photo uses for their CRM is in place which we need to continue to utilise.

The solution

We have recently launched a new eCommerce website for our client, DE Photo, to replace their existing system, which was restrictive both in terms of updates and longevity. 

After an exhaustive UX process, understanding the business goals and core customer types, we scoped and prootyped the intensive usability of the platform before commencing any UI elements.

The site was built in VueJS with a full bespoke, custom API driven database with multiple third party integrations such as Stripe and PayPal plus internal CRM integrations for customer ordering.

We evaluated the whole business and decided upon a full rebrand alongside the website, a new email marketing strategy campaign and also a customer facing App that integrates with the online platform.