The brief

We were commissioned by Garmin UK to create seven videos highlighting the features of their link Live services in a short but concise message, showing what the feature is and concentrating on the benefit to the user in a visually dynamic way.

The solution

Each video focused on a particular feature of link Live and is based on example scenarios where these features could become extremely handy. Although there were seven in total, they were styled and animated in such a way that they would seemlessly link into a complete video. All videos were then shown instore at retailers across the UK.


3D modelling & animation, bespoke audio composition, sound editing and compositing.


Created using a combination of 3D Max, After Effects and edited using FCP.

Client's Reaction

"Drum have passion and commitment that is evident in all the work they complete. Projects are handled professionally and systematically, adding great value to Garmin's marketing efforts."