The brief

The ITF, ATP and WTA established a joint certification programme for Officials in 1999. This ensured that each tennis official had the necessary experience, ability and education to fulfilx their role whether that be at grass root tournaments or grand slams.

We were asked to create a series of animations and illustrations for ITF Officiating to use in their educational PPT presentations to those wishing to become Chair Umpires, Chief Umpires and Referees.

The solution

We were asked to animate a variety of different of on-court scenarios. These scenarios included different elements from clay, grass and blue court surfaces, to different perspectives, different rackets, balls, players, chair and line umpires etc. We storyboarded each scenario to ensure that each story was correct and we worked closely with the ITF to ensure that the images shown were accurate from the distance between court lines, to how a ball would bounce on different surfaces.

To make each scenario as clear as possible, we started each animation with an establisher shot of the whole court and then cut to a close up, to revisit the action. Afterwards, we showed one or more possible outcomes.


2D character animation with sound effects


Created using Illustrator and After Effects


Character Design