The brief

For the fifth consecutive year, Drum have developed the registration and eCommerce platform for the Veteran car run. This year involved a brand new development to bring the cms framework and database structure up to date, and allow for flexibility with additional data without any compromise on speed and performance.

The solution

We used a Laravel CMS, custom API with relational database to bring all three sites together and controlled through one central admin CMS that allows the event organisers to manage and approve entries, export and import CSVs and imagery with a VueJS frontend build comprising of the new brand styling.


A bespoke eCommerce platform with WorldPay integration, a comprehensive database that includes archived entries, a Content Management System for full editing capabilities, dynamic 'entries' photo gallery and multiple online registration forms.


Laravel October CMS with custom API with relational database and WorldPay integration.

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Wireframes & UX

Client's reaction

"Thanks to all those working tirelessly behind the scenes to make the VCR website a success! When we first met at our briefing meeting I instantly felt reassured that we had met a team of people who understood our objective, were creative enough to propose new ideas and new ways of working and had the same work ethic as us. Your initial designs met our brief head-on and were well received both internally at Goose and by our client. The timeframe from the concept to going live was very short and we had to work long hours and very hard to get it up and running. Your level of professionalism during this busy period remained constant as you were always willing to help and still think outside of the box rather than just getting the job done quickly. Your positive responses to my requests and general cheerful nature was very refreshing indeed. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to my colleagues and I look forward to a working with you in the future."

• • •

Rebecca Lowman | Project Manager

Goose Communications | Godalming, Surrey