The brief

The company are a global manufacturer of industrial pumps and required an update to a sales presentation. Sounds simple at first glance, but dip a toe into the world of industrial pumps and the myriad uses for them across any and all industries soon becomes apparent - a comprehensive product bible that had grown organically over time and had reached gigantic proportions, with very little in the way of navigation strategy. They came to us with the brief to modernise and re-work the presentation so that it was easy to use, cross platform and future proof, but retain almost 100% of its content.

The solution

Our first step was to map out the existing presentation so as to understand the full extent of it. Since the structure was haphazard it was the only way for us to get to grips with the levels of content and identify dead ends and repetitions in the hundreds of pages and thousands of accompanying graphics and video assets. We recommended an HTML5 web App which could be accessed offline in the field, for instance an oil rig, or a remote village and a re-engineered navigation system that limited the drill-down levels and is much easier to use.


The new presentation has been re-created from featuring a mobile and tablet friendly responsive framework, with gesture navigation and retina support built in.


Developed using HTML5, CSS3.