Case Study Video

Case Study Video

Fidelity Information Services (FIS) had two customers in Australia that required case study videos to be created at the end of 2014. The videos needed to showcase how FIS has been instrumental in the customers' success in the Australian banking industry.

The solution

Organisation and logistics of any overseas filming can be tricky, but with two different customers in two locations; Brisbane and Sydney, the task was made even more complex. The pre-production process of storyboarding, scheduling and call sheet preparation had to be incredibly thorough to ensure that we had all the footage we required when it came to editing on DRUM's in-house edit suites. We developed a new design standard for animation that will be used for all future video projects. We brought the classic two-camera 'interview style' video to life, with the use of motion graphics and custom-composed music.

FIS Eftpos Graphic Map of Australia


Live interview footage with motion graphics infographics, name slides and key messaging mixed with a bespoke composed music track.


Shot using the C300. Edited using Premiere Pro CC and animated using AfterEffects.

Client's Reaction

"It went fabulously well. The videos looked great and I appreciate the responsiveness. I was very happy with the output and we will be coming back to you shortly with our next project. Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved in these projects (including the person who makes those muffins!)"