Explainer Video

Explainer Video

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) approached us to create an explainer video aimed at educating their viewers, in this instance players, the player's entourage, officials and coaches about the new Transition Tour coming into force in 2019. The video needed to outline the new tournament format, and explain why the ITF have chosen to make these amendments and how it will affect players and the wider tennis community. The video is the first in a set of four.

The solution

We proposed a 180-second, 2D icon-based animation set to voiceover. We wanted to create a simple set of icons that simply communicated the information about the new tournament structure that was outlined in the script. Through the storyboarding process, we worked closely with the client to ensure the key messages were accurately represented by the icons and assets being created. The icons were colourful and on-brand, engaging and helped the viewer to digest the complex information being given. An upbeat music bed plus voiceover helped with the viewer engagement.

Explainer Video


  • Bespoke icon / 2D design assets for animation across this video and others.

  • Voiceover and specially composed soundtrack.

  • Spanish and French versions supplied.



  • Assets created in Illustrator.

  • Animated in After Effects.

  • Edited in Premiere.