The Brief

BAE Systems approached Drum to design and develop a new sales demonstration to showcase one of their products.

The Solution

We decided to create an interactive PC App that the sales team could launch to explain the current problems companies face in fraud detection, how their software works and the benefits of using their system. We needed to strike a delicate balance of being informative and accurate whilst being visually engaging. 

We decided upon a slide based solution that has self contained seamless loops of animations with supportive key points onscreen that allowed the presenter to either stay on a slide if conversation required or seamlessly move onto the next slide to continue the story. 

As usability and accuracy was key, we went through an incredibly thorough UX prototyping phase and slide concepting phase, provided to the client in an interactive storyboard so that they could get a clear idea of the flow and content and we could collaborate and comment online, making the review phases much more streamlined.


We animated the slides in aftereffects and then exported json files for incorporation into a VueJS frontend, packaged up as a standalone exe using cordova.