It's our 15 year anniversary!

DRUM, a digital media agency in Farnham, Surrey marks its 15th birthday. Although a mandatory drink is in order for us all, we have made it our quest to mark this anniversary by giving something to the charities who have really suffered this year.

It's our 15 year anniversary!

Wow! Back in 2006, we set up DRUM, a digital agency to do things differently, to be the nice guys, to have passion for what we do and to provide a marketing service and product that both client and agency can be immensely proud of.


We have been lucky to work in so many different industries, in a multitude of disciplines across the years. What started out in 2006 as websites built using tables, DVD authoring using Director, CD-Roms created using flash, and video filming on beta cam or mini DV has now become API development, AI and social media. The industry has changed exponentially but I’m so proud to say that as an agency we have remained deeply rooted in our values; being down to earth, having the integrity to provide the best possible outcome and being passionate about what we do. Contributing, learning and growing year by year. 

Even in normal times, marking our 15th Anniversary would be a reason to celebrate but with the COVID pandemic, watching some industries struggle and fully remote working has been hard for us all making this anniversary even more of a reason to get together and celebrate. So although a mandatory drink is in order for us all, we have made it our quest to mark this anniversary by giving something to the charities that have suffered this year.

As a team, we’ve all chosen charities that mean a lot to us and throughout our ‘15 Days of Giving Quest’, we will be donating to the nominated charities. A few of the 15 charities chosen and the wonderful reasons for choosing them are:

Different strokes

This charity was chosen by Kaye.

“I’ve experienced the work this charity does first hand and without the resources, advice and peer support I gained from this group, my personal experience of having strokes would have been very different.

Liz Clark Saul Fund

This was Lizzie’s charity choice.

“Having lost a friend to this disease in 2020, cruelly when she was in her prime and training for the Tokyo Paralympics, it is close to my heart to support research into it in the hope that other families will stand a better chance of surviving it.”

Battersea dogs and cats 

Stephen selected this as one of his charities.

“After running the London Marathon for this charity in 2016, it was amazing to first-hand see the amount of work and care that goes into looking after dogs and cats who are no longer able to be looked after.”

We could not have gotten this far without the wonderful team, past and present. I hope that in 15 years we can say the same; a digital agency that's passionate and cares but is always striving for more. Follow us on social media and see which wonderful charities we’ve chosen to donate to and hear some stories of why they matter to the team. 

“I’m excited to see how our ever-changing industry evolves, what wonderful colleagues we will meet, what exciting clients and projects we get the opportunity to work on and how as an agency we can master our craft, here’s to the next 15 years”.

Kaye Moors, MD

Check out our 15 days of giving quest -

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