Why is digital accelerating?

2021 - the year of digital acceleration, remote working and shops being closed have seen a massive increase in time spent online. Buying and working habits have changed in the last 12 months, and it looks like the online shift is something to stay.

Why is digital accelerating?

No one can dispute that 2020 and 2021 have been like no other. We had no clue what 2020 had in store for us, but this year has single-handedly produced more digital transformation than seen in the last decade.

Everyone has always understood the importance of digital, and many companies have adopted the digital-first mindset for years. This global pandemic has accelerated this mindset to leave some businesses behind. So what does that mean for 2021? We always see AI leading yearly digital predictions, but now it's part of your everyday life. Machine learning is responsible for the recommendations and algorithms of Netflix, your social media feeds, chatbots and your suggested Christmas presents on Amazon.

2021, the year of data

The year when your front-end profile is separated from your back-end data algorithms to create a unique customer experience. Focusing on data analytics will boost your bottom line. 

Working from home is something we support here at DRUM, always have and know we need to continue going forward. People have shown productivity and resilience working remotely, but we all love to get together and have a good whiteboard session with biscuits and social interaction. But with cloud computing being so reliable, many employees will want to keep this part-time remote working, which in turn means more browsing, more social media, and more buying online. Social messaging apps can be used to send messages to customers directly, as they allow personalization, and real-time conversation, adding value to the user experience. If you adopt a digital-first mindset, your brand can be in front of the consumer much more readily than before. 

Micro-moments are small intended actions: go, buy, sign up etc. You need to have data to know how they got to your site and who they are before being able to enhance these moments. This year has meant user/customer journeys, and the path to purchase, need to be more dynamic. Get to know your customer inside and out and make these moments as intuitive and simple as possible. 

Video Marketing is the most important consideration for 2021 marketing

With a 50% boost in conversation rate, anyone not considering video is being left behind. Video is by far the most simple engaging way for consumers to understand your product. Mobile and social media browsing has increased, and small sales copy gets lost on a smaller devices, so if there's a video available, the majority of people opt for this medium instead. The stats speak for themselves… 82% of Twitter users watch videos on their feed and 4x as many consumers would rather watch a product video, rather than read about it. 80% of millennials consider video content as a factor when making a purchase.

Browser push notifications are on the rise with 85% of online stores using them. Mainly used for abandoned shopping carts, their conversion rates are much higher than that of email marketing which can take hours to be opened.


So ask yourself? Is your digital marketing taking advantage of this year's acceleration? If not, it's time to adapt, change and accelerate your sales.