Don't be scared of accessibility

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Any business owner will tell you that to make your business sustainable, it must be future proof. That means to make a business or brand, which works for people and the planet.

Stone pathway leading towards a green tick icon

That can seem like a daunting process, it can seem like a very steep learning curve, a mountain climb some wish to never tackle. Why? Because people are scared. Scared of getting things wrong, scared it will cost more, scared it will take too long. My advice? Just start. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will a fully sustainable and accessible online presence but a paving slab here or there will soon lead to a beautiful road that people will want to follow. 

It doesn’t need to cost the earth. Actually, a lot of the time an accessible site has a lower carbon footprint so two birds, one stone (or a larger slab in your new journey).

A few of these blocks could be around speed.

  • An accessible site might mean less large background videos. 
  • It might mean using a web font rather than a custom font.
  • It might mean a shorter time a user spends trying to find something, meaning less grunt on the server and their device.

These benefit both accessibility and sustainability. You’ve added 3 substantial slabs already, now let’s look to fill in the holes with some pebbles.

For the pebbles, let look at video and motion 

  • Make videos work in mute only 
  • Offer video controls and don’t auto play 
  • Don’t animate every single interaction

Still a few small gaps, let’s look to add some shingle

  • Alt tags on your email marketing for screen readers and for people who switch images off by default to save data usage. 
  • Consider making your site automatically detect a user’s operating system settings and switch between light and dark mode accordingly.

You’ve completely built the start of the road. It wasn’t that scary after all! 

So yes, you may have to research along the way but you’re slowly but surely creating a beautiful online presence for every human whilst helping our beautiful planet.

Giving you in return, followers on your sustainable journey and a wider audience to improve your CRO. 


If you’d like help laying down your first slabs, get in touch.

Blog written by Kaye

Written by Kaye