Build your brand with animation

One thing that is often an afterthought is including animation in the brand development. So why is animation so important in a brand's identity?

Build your brand with animation

Building a brand takes time, and building something that resonates with your audience is not an easy task.

It’s a great way to tell your story

Create engaging content through animation that the viewer can relate to, and find out about your values and what you have to offer. How you use your brand elements within the animation helps customers recognise and associate with your company, it can also represent your brand when your logo isn't present. Be consistent with your use of these elements across all branded materials to create a strong brand identity.

Matching the animation style to your brand can target the right audience that you want to sell to

Not just simply with colours and brand elements, but with the overall vibe and aesthetics. If your brand is more corporate, the use of icons and infographics can help the video look more serious. If it’s a modern, techy company you can include data/digital elements with a futuristic feel. Or if you’re a trendy start-up you could go for a fun, bold and quirky animation to grab people's attention and remember you. The important thing is to deliver a clear message - what does your company stand for? What makes you different and stand out from the crowd?

Animation can help you to create a representation of your ideal customer

Include a character that the viewer can relate to, based on your ‘buyer persona’. Think about their age, profession, how they dress, how they look, background, and any other valuable information that can help to show that you understand your customer and the challenges they face, what their needs are and how you can help to solve their problems. Show empathy to build trust with your target audience.

Become recognisable across all of your branded material

If you create a full animated video, take some of the animated elements from that and reuse the content elsewhere such as on your website or social media. Illustration assets can be used across offline marketing. Although, using animation in your brand isn’t about just adding an explainer or product video to your website. Use animated elements on your website, create an animated logo and post branded gifs across your social media platforms.

Use a colour palette that reflects your brand

The use of brand colours is a must to help connect the video to your company. However, as much as it’s important to include your primary brand colours, include supporting colours that aren’t necessarily in your brand guidelines, as you might want to use certain colours to express specific emotions or moods.

To conclude, animation can really help to make your brand memorable, and relatable, and help to shape your brand identity. The animation should never be a last-minute decision in your brand marketing campaign. Rushed or poor-quality animation due to an unachievable budget will reflect a poor brand image. "85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands" (HubSpot), which is a testament to the popularity of video marketing campaigns and how effective they really are for maintaining customer interest and loyalty.