How to create a memorable brand

The terms logo and brand are used interchangeably by companies, yet they are not the same thing. We take a look further into the differences and how to use them to create a memorable brand.

How to create a memorable brand

A logo is your mark, your stamp. A brand is everything that encompasses your company. The logo element is one small part of developing your brand identity. With literally millions of companies, you have to develop a brand that differentiates and stands out. A brand identity is what you say, what your company values are, how you communicate and how you want your customers to feel. Your personality and promise. Your digital marketing leaves a long-lasting impression so your brand identity forms this impression.

A brand lives and evolves within a user's mind.

We recently spoke to a company who questioned about user testing a logo, a very rational question some might say, but not if the logo is in isolation and the user does not get a feel for your whole brand experience. 

A simple, non-memorable identity becomes memorable through a user's brand experience and vice versa. Coca-Cola's logo has become a household name, but take away the logo and just be given the bottle. The iconic bottle is synonymous with the brand and they made their brand stand out and become memorable through full brand strategy, not just identity.

Take a more recent brand, Lemonade Insurance. They have gone from zero to 100 million in 3 years. They say their strategy is to delight people. Their user experience and interface normally a very dry subject is to delight users from the first brand interaction. Get a quote from a friendly company that takes away the normal barriers. Do you remember their logo? Possibly. Do you remember their website? Absolutely! Do you recommend them? 100%, it was so easy! This is how they've grown exponentially, with a brand strategy that in turn will make their identity memorable. What will a user think when they see that logo? Delightful. They are an example of brand strategy done well.

We get given so many brand guidelines here at DRUM. Some are a full strategy, some are uses of logos only. Of course, logo use is important but what about without using the brand mark? 


Creating a memorable brand requires consistent use of font, colour palette, imagery, language and tone across all mediums - offline, online and video. When consumers instantly recognize who you are and what you stand for based on your brand mark, you've become more than just a name and a symbol, you've become a successful brand.