Establishing your video audience

We often find as an agency that brands consider UX as part of a website or app development but very rarely when it comes to video production. So, what should you be asking yourself before you delve into video production marketing?

Establishing your video audience

Don't avoid UX. Why should videos be any different when they fall under the same digital marketing umbrella? Start by asking:

What's the purpose? 

We want to know your goals, your objectives, and your KPIs for the video so that we can propose a solution that fits. Is it for brand awareness? Is it to explain a service or product? Is it for SEO? Is it for lead generation? All this will mean we would take a different spin on things.

Who is the audience?

If we know who we are aiming the video at, we can propose content and distribution channels most suited to the audience. What are their motivations for buying? Detailed personas are required for video production, just as much as website design. A 50 year old accountant for example won’t be looking on TikTok. A 14 year old consumer won’t be looking on LinkedIn. Someone looking to understand a product or service is more likely to be invested in long-form video. Someone looking to understand a consumer product via social media, on the other hand, would prefer short form. Everyone is different, so really understand your customers and their research tools.

What do viewers want?

This is very different to what you want to explain. Flipping the ‘need’ on its head, establishing what users want to know will ensure your messaging conveys exactly that and only that.

What's the CTA?

The script, the visuals, the music, everything plays its part to lead the viewer to a conclusion. Hundreds of views mean nothing if nothing is followed up. What action do you want people to take? Share? Like? Call? Visit your website? Buy?


To gain your return and hit those KPIs, we need to get eyes on your video. What's the most effective channel or platform? Do you need a marketing strategy to get people to view your video by creating supporting material?


Seems a lot right for video production? It’s not if we have a clear objective. Not, “we think we need a video as everyone is going this way”. A phrase we, unfortunately, hear too often here at DRUM. Get the foundations spot on and that, in turn, will create a compelling video that gets you the trophy.