What is H2H marketing?

In a faceless online world what makes the difference from a customer buying one identical offering vs the other? How can brands incorporate the H2H mindset into their communications with customers?

What is H2H marketing?

Despite all the digital sales opportunities the technological age has brought, the fundamental truth remains that people buy from people. Human 2 Human marketing is the human-centric approach serving as the antidote to cold sales jargon from the B2B/B2C era. So how can brands become more human-centric?

Be social

Social media is the easiest way to be human so make an effort to interact and chat with your customers on your channels. Reply to comments as if you are speaking to them in person. Take advantage of messaging apps and don’t take yourself too seriously. Being professional doesn’t need to mean being cold. Have fun with it. People appreciate a sense of humour, or a friendly ear to bend. Even if you’ve messed up as a company, be real and apologize.

Put a face to the name

People like to know who you are so show your face; don’t be shy. Let people know who you are and show photos of your actual team. Don’t use stock imagery of your office or team at work. Your employees are some of your best brand ambassadors so get them on camera and create video content. Offer people chances to meet you whether in person or virtually through hybrid events and workshops.  

Find your voice

Brands need to tell their story and advertise their values and mission. Explain issues you are genuinely passionate about, such as sustainability or diversity, and let people know what you are doing to support change. This may well be the reason someone chooses to buy from you over a competitor.

Nurture relationships

Take a step back from selling, and take time to connect and engage. It may well be a while since you’ve interacted with a customer. Check-in with them and find out how their business is doing and any issues they’re facing. Building stronger relationships increases your selling influence.

Personalize your AI

AI bots have their place and are the fastest-growing communication channel. In 2021 87.2% of customers rated their experience as positive or neutral. Remember an AI bot is still representing your brand so make it personal and friendly. Customers value the quickness of a bot dealing with simple queries but can become frustrated if their more complex need isn’t being met, so allow a human to take over when required. Amazon chat is a great example of this. Apply the same principles to any automated texts and emails and avoid using noreply@.


In this fast-changing digital world, it can be easy to focus on the tech and the product. But remember you are still selling to people wherever they are in the world, and however, they find your company. Be real, be down to earth and be truthful. In this increasingly hybrid world we all need a bit of connection as at the end of the day we’re all just human.