Marketing in the 'new normal'

The last two years have seen people adjust and reassess so much of their life. But, the question is, has your marketing and business changed in response? Brands that humanise and focus 100% on CX will continue to grow and dominate their market. Here's why.

Marketing in the 'new normal'

I remember very clearly a client of ours who had a perfect product for the new remote working but didn’t feel their messaging or strategy needed changing. Their marketing was based on assumptions and how they’ve always done things. An example of a brand not changing in response to a life-changing moment in time. 

Time to reinvent

Now we are getting back to work in the ‘new normal’, look back and see how well your brand endured. If you scraped by then perhaps your brand loyalty needs re-evaluating? Burger King was one of the big brands that used the downtime to launch a new brand image, the first rebrand in 20 years. There has never been a more pivotal time to reinvent your brand with customer experience (CX) in mind. 

Humanise your brand

With online behaviour changing, so did people's expectations. If the experience was not matched by the brand, people abandon their research and purchase. Humanise your brand; combine customer experience with a simple user journey and instant interaction such as live chat, you’ve gained a loyal customer to your brand. 


Obviously, the major winners during the pandemic were eCommerce sales but so did ‘online communities’. The truly wonderful side of Covid was seeing people pulling together and bonding over a mutual ground. Communities online boomed. 


Although retail suffered due to lack of footfall, second-hand clothing soured with customers valuing sustainability more than ever before. The meaning of communities shifted as social distancing was applied, and online communities became the main focus in daily lives. Communities not only connect people, but they also connect brands to customers.

Social channels

Another channel that resonated more with people than ever before is social media. With 97% of Gen Z using social media for research of a brand or product, brands must include social commerce and offer in-app purchases. It’s no surprise that people's time on social channels has skyrocketed, but even now, time spent is huge compared to pre-2020 data. This gives brands a perfect opportunity to gain more exposure, reinforce a community and deliver shareable marketing. 

Local Marketing

A further trend that developed exponentially is local marketing. With lockdowns, people couldn’t travel and local search in Google grew by a massive 80%. This is a continuing trend with more people working remotely, communities forming and sustainability being a prime focus, buyers are choosing to buy local first. Refill shops are popping up on most high streets as people transition to low/zero waste and shopping locally. 


Listen to your customer

So many things have changed with people's buying decisions, brands have had to reassess and shift to ensure they are listening to their customers. Brands that humanise and focus 100% on CX will continue to grow and dominate in their market.