Meaningful motion in UI

Brands look dated and out of touch if they don't adopt a new animated brand presence. We explain how animation in UI can be used to bolster your brand and make your site more memorable than your competitors.

Meaningful motion in UI

As a full-service agency, we’ve worked in animation and web design for over 15 years but year on year, the blend between the two disciplines has been merging. For the last few years, I cannot remember a project that didn’t rely on both to coincide to make beautiful storytelling but even though every year, animation is the trend to watch, 2022 is the year that I believe will see brands look dated and out of touch if they don’t adopt a new animated brand presence.


On your website, animation conveys your messaging and creates an emotional connection with your audience. So tell your story to your target audience with an empathic motion design. I’m not talking about animated icons and infographics, which of course have their place to explain the technology. I’m talking about using characters or scenes to portray your brand personality and get customers to resonate with your story and service.

Micro Interaction

Micro interaction is again nothing new. Small moments of interactions that please your audience. Animated interactions should be subtle and unobtrusive to show visual feedback to a user’s reaction. We’ve all clicked ‘love’ and see that heart fill and bounce, this reaction makes your action memorable. 


What about when you have a video or stream or content that needs to buffer? We are all time-conscious with a short attention span. Don’t see the answer to your question right away, content loading too slowly? Time to abort the site. But add a loading animation and all that changes. Give the user percentage loading and you’ve managed their expectations and they will happily watch the content load if it’s made interesting.

Animated Logos

A logo is intended to create brand awareness, and motion does this even more as it’s more likely to be noticed by viewers. A conventional logo can be made fun with just simple movement but keep the gesture small and simple. You don’t want a feature film to distract from the content, you want a brand to enhance. With so many big brands adopting an animated logo, perhaps consider this discipline in your next brand strategy meeting.

404 pages

The one page you don’t want a customer to find is your 404. But have you considered that this doesn’t need to end your customer's impression of your brand? Beautifully animated 404 pages give your customers a pleasant surprise that makes your brand again that little bit more memorable.

So next time you are posed with the question ’have you considered animation?’ don’t always think of classic explainer animations, think about how animation in UI can be used to bolster your brand and make your site more memorable than your competitors.