Stop the scroll! With social video

Adding video to your social media channels is a great way to stop people scrolling and start engaging, build brand loyalty and improve lead generation. However, video content can only be effective if it’s done right.

Stop the scroll! With social video

As with any marketing communication, the key is to build a strong strategy. Are you looking to launch a new product? Increase followers? Gain more website traffic? Or attract new followers? Regardless of what you are looking to achieve, these need to complement your business objectives. Talk to the right people on social, on the right platform.

Capture attention

Nowadays, even goldfish have a longer attention span than social media browsers so keep your message short and succinct. Get your thought-provoking questions at the very start to gain engagement and prevent that dreaded swipe past. If your message is complex, break it down into bite-size chunks. Make your brand or product obvious so people recognise you and use professional music and appealing visuals. Leave viewers curious about your next social drop.

The written word

Social media is global, content can be seen from London to Luxembourg. Add subtitles to allow non-native speakers to understand and hearing impaired users to digest. Videos autoplay on most platforms in mute so regardless of whether you are in a busy office environment or working quietly from home, your message is conveyed regardless of sound on or off.

What’s that sound?

Music is essential, it lifts any message to make it more memorable but make sure you can use it. Don’t fall foul of grabbing the best track you can find without licensing. As quickly as your video is uploaded, it’s removed. Use composed or licensed music that complements your brand and sets the mood.


Your video looks great and sounds great but without a narrative that people can relate to, you can wave goodbye to those important shares. Make the story personal, emotive and relevant. Make your brand sparkle and you will see those strategic goals flourish.

With all the above you are on your way to social media stardom but remember all channels require content at different sizes, different running lengths etc so format your video for each channel, don’t create something beautiful and then ruin it by peppering all your channels with the same video. A video that doesn’t fit or stops before the end conveys a bad brand image. End with a CTA for users so that they can follow your brand story. Don’t flip loyalty to avoidance.