Typography for your brand

Your typeface is an important part of communicating your brand personality. So, how do you go about choosing the one that's right for your company?

Typography for your brand

If your logo is your signature, then your typeface is your handwriting. Both convey your brand personality strongly to your audience. Be clear on what your personality is before you begin the selection process and then consider which of the following best represents you.


Choose a serif to communicate traditional, classic and timeless elegance. Great for brands wanting to reference the heritage of their company or product.

Sans Serif

Choose a sans serif to communicate modern, functional and global values. Great for brands wanting to be open and inclusive.


A script conveys a more personal, playful, human touch. Great for brands with a people focused product or service.


These decorative typefaces are packed full of personality; the extroverts of the font library. They will make you stand out from the crowd for better or worse. Take care not to choose one that is too overpowering.


A more functional typeface with equal spacing is used in computing that is useful for creating a ‘techie’ or ‘typewriter’ feel. Great for brands working in tech, gaming and coding.


The more unique the typeface, the easier it is for consumers to recall your brand. You may want to consider working with a type designer to create your custom brand typeface.


Sometimes pairing two typefaces together can give the balance you need for your brand, especially if one typeface has a lot of personality. Pairing it with something calmer will give you the flexibility to tone things up or down depending on your situation and audience.

Bold v Light

Once you’ve chosen your typeface/s consider the weighting. Psychology has shown that font weighting plays a part in evoking emotional responses in the viewer. Choose a lighter weight for a feeling of space, or a bold weight for high impact.


Your brand typeface is your visual tone of voice when speaking to your audience. Choose wisely and then draw up detailed brand guidelines so everyone in your company understands how to use them correctly, from the smallest space to a large billboard, and for digital, print, animation and video. And then let your typeface do the talking!

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